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Stephanie and Rafael

Casa Mahanaim

Saturday, July 1st, 2023

4:00 PM

Stephanie Michelle Deere


Rafael Augusto Duran Rodriguez

cordially invite you to 

celebrate their wedding and lifelong commitment with close friends and family at Casa Mahanaim, Barichara, Colombia.

Please scroll down for more details in honor of

Los Duran Deere

Semi-formal Attire Requested

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Colombia, Mi Encanto

Press play!

Carlos Vives Colombia Mi Encanto From EncantoAudio Only

Wedding Week Time-line

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

Friday, June 30th, 2023

Saturday, July 1st, 2023

Sunday, July 2nd, 2023

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

*Check-In After 3pm

* Wedding Party at Casa Mahanaim

* Guests at Recommended Hotels:

*Morning - Breakfast and Rest at Casa Mahanaim

* 11am - Tour of Barichara and Guane

*Casa Mahanaim Pool Day

*Wedding Preparation

*Rehearsal Dinner at Elvia - One of the top restaurants in all of

Colombia specializing in local ingredients such as Cabro (goat), Trucha (river fish) and the famous Hormigas Colonas (ants!). 

WEDDING DAY - Casa Mahanaim

*Ceremony begins at 4:00pm

*Cocktail Hour, Reception, Dinner, and Dancing to follow

*Barichara Shopping and Dinner

*Tour Parque Nacional de Chicamochaalso known as "Panachi", there are a plethora of activities at this park! Cable cars take you through the valley to La Mesa de Los Santos, where you can shop and try some local beverages and snacks. For the adventurous, they offer swings and hang-gliding and also have a petting zoo and a bird sanctuary. Lastly, we will head to the water park - tubes and lazy river are included! Entrance to the park, cable cars, and water park costs just $66,000 pesos ~ $16.50 U.S. dollars. Bring extra cash for souvenirs and food! (They offer locally brewed beer and coffee!)

Check-Out 11am

*Check-Out 11am

*Recommended Options:

  • All guests will be flying out of Bucaramanga to your next destination - be it another South American adventure, or back to the U.S! In order to break up the travel we recommend leaving Barichara early to arrive in Bucaramanga to visit the Santisimo

  • Stay one night (or more) at the Hotel Punta Diamante - located in Ritoque, a security guarded community, this luxury hotel offers a pool, spa, several excellent restaurants, and golf! The entire hotel has a golf theme with life-sized portraits of all of our favorite golfers flooding the hallways! 

Things To Know!

  • Timeline - guests are welcome to attend the full wedding week with us, or simply our wedding day! We ask that the wedding party please plan to attend the timeline above! 

  • Transportation - everyone will need to fly into Bucaramanga and take a taxi or bus to Barichara (approximately 3-4 hour drive from the airport). We will assist in organizing travel plans in order to ensure everyone arrives safe and sound! 

  • Pesos! - The Colombian peso runs a conversion of approximately 4,000 pesos per U.S. dollar so get ready to do a lot of addition with big numbers! The U.S. dollar is not accepted and often times Credit Cards aren't either so we recommend that you exchange your money at the airport! Everything is extremely affordable, so you won't need much! 

  • Water - The tap water in Colombia is safe to drink so bring those reusable water bottles! 

  • Safety first! - Barichara is a very safe town - you won't need to worry about anything except having fun! Bucaramanga (where the airport is) is more of a city so while violent crime is very rare, petty theft is more common - don't put your cellphone in your back pocket, keep belongings with you at all times (don't put your purse on a chair next to you), and roll the windows up inside a taxi. Make sure to have a few bills of 20,000 pesos separate from the rest of your money so that if you need to pay for something you aren't pulling out wads of 50,000 pesos. 

  • Weather - in the summertime it is sunny and reaches 80 degrees and then rains in the afternoon almost every day. It does cool off at night. Layers are recommended. Wear shorts or light pants with a tank top or T-shirt and bring a sweater and umbrella/poncho for the day! 

  • Things to Bring

    • Sunscreen/Hat/Sunglasses​

    • Bathing Suit

    • Umbrella/Poncho

    • Dramamine or Motion Sickness Wristband for ride to Barichara (The twists and turns are serious!)

    • Tissues (Free toilet paper in public restrooms can be scarce. However, it is easy to find restrooms and they are also extremely clean!)

    • Bug spray

    • Comfortable Clothing and walking shoes

    • Light sweater/sweatshirt

    • Backpack/Cross-body purse (I don't recommend a bag that hangs off of the shoulder)

    • Semi-formal Wedding Attire (Get ready to dance!)

    • Colombian pesos

    • Your best Spanish - everyone here is extremely friendly and helpful and will do anything for you! However, most of them don't speak any English! Charades or google translate also work great! 

  • What else is there to do - a million things! If you would like to explore other activities or areas, we can give you suggestions! There is horseback riding, waterfalls, hikes, river activities, historic locations, and so much more! 

Registry Info

Please visit our registry HERE!



Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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