Miss Deere works one-on-one with students to provide them with individualized instruction. 

Some of her private student offerings include dance training for musical theater actors and singers, dance conditioning, cross-training for swimmers and other athletes. 

Rates are based on length of private, number of sessions booked, and location. Email details for specific rate information. 


Choreography options include competition choreo for young dancers, professional choreography, as well as event/video choreography. 

Rates are dependent upon cast size, number of rehearsals, and length of performance piece. Please send an email with details in order to receive specified rate information. 

Check out the videos! 

Video 1 - choreography reel!

Video 2 - Wedding flashmob! 



Miss Deere has been teaching dance for over a decade. Whether you are interested in a technique workshop, a contemporary masterclass, a musical theater dance training workshop, or a mommy-and-me creative movement event, we've got you covered. 

Teaching and master class rates are dependent upon number of participants and number and length of classes! 

Email class or workshop details for a complete breakdown! 


Stephanie took on the challenge of choreographing for our wedding. She figured out how to get 13 none-dancers, in 3 different countries to learn the same dance. She turned what could have been just another reception into a truly unforgettable night.

- Alicia Morales, Deere Choreo Client 

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